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ATOM QUEUES - publish subscribe and the GET Action?

Question asked by chris_tribe494234 Employee on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by James Ahlborn

Dear Community, could someone clarify the documentation regarding durable subscribers? Customer wants to use publish/subscriber queue, but using a Get Action. If subscriber is using Get action (using scheduler to wake up and receive messages), how would messages be available when subscriber queues for Get action are non-durable? How can GET Action be used in context of publish-subscriber queue? 


Extract from user guide...


The subscriber has to remain continuously active to receive messages, unless it has established a durable subscription. In that case, messages published while the subscriber is not connected will be redistributed whenever it reconnects.

  • Publish/Subscribe queues are always durable when used with the Listen action — the subscription is per-process.

  • Publish/Subscribe queues are always non-durable when used with the Get action.