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Unwanted Question Marks added in Database Profile

Question asked by andrew.pirie184048 on Mar 13, 2018

I'm currently having an issue stemming from question marks being added to a string after it is mapped from an XML to DB profile. For context, the data for the elements in question come from Rich Text fields in Salesforce and contain the HTML tags for the text markup. The question marks being added only effect these fields, and I've tested the mapping between several profile types and it seems to only effect the mapping from xml to either DB or Flat File, not JSON.


The Atom we're running on uses Windows-1252 encoding (there are hundreds of existing integrations so changing the   -Dfile configuration to UTF-8 is not an option), but I've attempted to encode the data before the mapping to UTF-8 and it ends up adding different special characters throughout the text that Salesforce must passing, so that doesn't work.


I've found that Boomi is natively XML escaping some of the HTML characters (mostly just the < to &lt; so the xml attribute doesn't close), but I haven't thought of any issues why that would be confusing the conversion to DB or Flat File. 


I've also attempted converting these fields to JSON and both setting as DDPs, and also caching to call in the Map and see if it was just an XML conversion issue. They still show up in the DB. If there's any ideas on why these might be popping up or ways to remove them (without just blasting away all question marks with a search/replace) it would be very much appreciated.


   -DB target with '?'

   -SF Source (from inspector)