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IDOC TID Database Option

Question asked by harikrishna_adepu039926 on Mar 14, 2018

Hi All,


We have configured SAP listener to receive IDOCs from SAP, and have configured the listener settings to store the IDOC TID details in MySQL Database. We are able to receive the IDOCs and also the TID Database table is getting updated with the IDOC TID.


I have a few questions here:


1. How do we identify which TID belongs to which inbound IDOC? As, we do not store the IDOC number in the table and it only stores the TID, ProgramID and Status.


2. How do we identify the most recently received IDOCs in the database table? As, we do not see any column for data/time.


3. Is it possible to extend the database table to enter the IDOC numbers as well? If yes, do we have to put an additional logic in place to write the IDOC number to the table?


Any help on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance...!!!