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How to process all records using Batch Processing(Flow Control Shape) when there is a record throws an error in 2 units?

Question asked by sgunasekaran on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by sgunasekaran

Please find my scenario below:

  1. I'm getting 10000 records from DB. Those records are parallelly processing as 4 units(1-2500,2501-5000, 5001-7500 and 7501-10000) and each unit having the record batching count 10(Run as batches of 10 documents).
  2. In the 10000 records, the 1st and 2510th records having errors.(Having a Try/Catch with Exception shape and configured it to Stop a single document)
  3. While processing, 5018 records are successfully passed and 4982 records failed. i.e. the non-errored units(3rd and 4th units) successfully processed their 5000 records and the errored units(1st and 2nd) started to process its first batch's 10 records, failed for the one error record in it, passed the remaining records(9 records) in the 1st and 2nd units.
  4. The remaining 2491 records in the 1st and 2nd units(2491*2=4982) are getting eliminated.


Is there any approach to process the good records that eliminated by default?