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Hi all, can anyone guide me where to find the directory called 'procrunner.policy' or 'procworker.policy'. Not able to find these files in my local system where the Atom is installed. Got error access denied ("

Question asked by sukhminders608411 on Mar 14, 2018

Running a process from FTP against the atom or cloud on the master account, and get a access denied error: access denied ("" "Test\Test Archieve" "read") while archiving the file in FTP folder.


    FTP directories are owned by boomi user and have 777 permissions on all subdirectories.

The exception is a restriction enforced by the java security policies, not the filesystem.

Steps implemented:

1. Atom Management>>

2. >>Security Policy - added CUSTOM

Needs to be updated in the bin folder of Atom, but not able to find the directory
<installation_directory>/bin/procrunner.policy file to modify as
<installation_directory>/bin/procbrowser.policy file.

Can you please help me out to find the directories bin/procrunner.policy and bin/procworker.policy