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Salesforce to NetSuite syncing

Question asked by endiem519609 on Mar 16, 2018

I have a few Customer records in NetSuite which I want to keep in sync with Account records in Salesforce. I have a field in NetSuite that stores the record ID of the Salesforce Account record that needs to be in sync. Suppose I retrieve 20 records out of 100 from NetSuite based on some filters and I need to update all these records to Salesforce. To update these records in Salesforce, certain conditions need to be met to update the 20 retrieved records. How can I create a map function to update only the records that meet the condition based on the target data? I have used a decision but I get the error that the decision returned more than 1 records. Is there a way where I can query the records from NS, store the Salesforce external ID field in cache, (a document containing just the external ID for each filtered record retrieved) and then use the XML doc to retrieve the records from SF and then update them via mapping? Please suggest