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Netsuite Query error, Code: UNEXPECTED_ERROR in Start Shape

Question asked by RobertdeCarvalho5171 on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by jit_walia
Hi Boomi-land,
We're struggling to resolve a NetSuite "UNEXPECTED_ERROR" in the start shape of a process. Here's what we have found so far.
  • The start shape is querying for sales orders that have been modified since the last successful run date. We have not made any changes to the operation in over a year, but the problems started about two weeks ago
  • Other processes use the same NetSuite connection successfully, suggesting it is not a problem with NetSuite credentials.
  • When executed in test mode, the process works successfully and the start shape is happily returning the correct number of sales orders.
  • When the deployed processs is executed, it will execute fine if there are no results. That is, it connects to NetSuite and NetSuite responds to say there are no results. However, if there are any results we get an "unexpected error".
  • Checking in NetSuite, the process is currently only trying to get 17 records so we don't think it is because of the volume of data
  • We have tried re-deploying the process, and any parent and sub-processes, and this hasn't fixed the issue.


The full error message is:

Fatal error in Start Shape; Caused by: Error Received during Netsuite Query
Type: ERROR Message: An unexpected error occurred. Error ID: jf08yip67ba50giy46m6
Note: the error ID changes each time.
Any thoughts on this one?