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Multi-Threaded Sub-Processes with Data Passthrough

Question asked by alees293863 on Mar 22, 2018
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Hi Folks,


Looking for a little help trying to speed up some database writes.

I currently have a JSON Profile (Jobs) which I send to Sub-Processes to write to the relevant MSSQL Tables.


Each of the Sub-Processes uses the same data and similar decisions to ensure I have INSERT or UPDATE Dynamic Queries.


Currently - because the Sub-Processes require "Data Passthrough" I have to wait for each write to finish which takes a considerable amount of time.


What I'm looking to achieve is to send the JSON Profile to each of the Sub-Processes in Parallel so the write operations can happen at the same time.



As you can see above - I've been playing with Flow Controls to see what I can do but I'm fresh out of ideas - there are ~10 of these sub-processes I want to run in parallel with only the first one being required before the others (So assuming I can multi-thread this I will run the "(sub) Write Jobs Service - Job" first then run all remaining in parallel.


Has anyone experienced this and been able to get it working?


Kind Regards,