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Internal Server Error-For input string: ""

Question asked by cristi936523 on Mar 22, 2018

I am doing an integration with SAP SuccessFactors. I am trying to do an Update/Replace EXECUTE Operation on an EmployeeTime record. I have a sample message retrieved from an EmployeeTime QUERY operation which I put inside a message shape before the EXECUTE Update/Replace connector, and I changed a few fields to see if the update is taking place in the platform.

However, I am faced with an issue that might be related to the API itself. This is the response I get from the connector after trying the operation:


   <errorMessage>Internal Server Error-For input string: &amp;quot;&amp;quot;</errorMessage>


I have replaced single quotes in the xml declaration of the document with double quotes and vice versa, and I also removed the quotes entirely. I searched the document for both double and single quotes, but the only place where I can see them is the XML declaration. I also tried replacing single and double quotes in the document with &apos; and &quot; but to no avail. I suppose &amp;quot should instead be &amp;&quot; right?


Any help is greatly appreciated