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SalesForce live Sync

Question asked by tanmay.kansara578090 on Mar 26, 2018

HI Guys


I am new to Boomi so please bear with me. I am trying to create a live sync from SF. I wanted to start with a basic so I created an Outbound Message in SF when the FirstName and LastName of Contact changes. Please see attachment rule.png, rule2,3.png. 


On Boomi side I have a shared web server, so I used the username:token encoded it with base 64 and used the vale as boomi_auth. Attached are the Boomi Config files. 


Can you let me know when I change the Contact Name from "John Bond" to something else and then back to "John Bond" I dont get the message on Boomi. 


All I would like to accomplish is that when a contact is created or edited, I should be able to get the message to Boomi immediately so I can then further process it to say NetSuite etc. 


Any Help would be appreciated. I am using all test accounts, so i please let me know if I can provide any more information.