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Grouping and Summarizing the data

Question asked by chinnijay on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by david.proett299553

Hi Boomers,


I have got one request where we need to group the records and get the summary of them, below is sample example for the same:

I have the data in below format

date, code, payment, amount

01032018, 8000, Cash, 32.80

01032018, 8000, Cash, 20.00

01032018, 8001, Card, 50.00

01032018, 8001, Card, 10.00

01032018, 8001, Card, 40.00

01032018, 8001, Card, 100.00


I need the result like below:

01032018, 8000, Cash, 52.80

01032018, 8001, Card, 200.00


We need to group the records based on date, code & payment and then add the amounts. As per my knowledge we dont have any in-built functions to grouping or sorting the records. Let me know if anyone faced this type of issue and worked on anything before?


Adam Arrowsmith it will be good if we have grouping and sorting methods out of box, instead of ending up in writing a groovy scripting.


Thanks in advance.!