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Purge schedule clarification

Question asked by mdittakavi on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by mdittakavi

as per the article says Purge history after x days


"Sets the number of days following process execution that purging of logs, processed documents, and temporary data will occur. The number of days is calculated based on the time that a file was most recently modified; it is not based on the actual day on which the file was modified. "


this means the purge process will run every day and identify the files that are modified "x" days ago and purge it.




purge process runs only once on "X" day.  


let says purge history is set to 14.  the process runs on every 14th day or it will run daily once and see the files modified 14 days ago.


if it runs daily then what is the time it will run.

it is the same for advanced properties.

  • Purge Schedule for Logs --> controls the logs directory
  • Purge Schedule for Processed Documents --> controls the processed documents/data directory
  • Purge Schedule for Temporary Data --> control the temp directory
  • Purge History after X days --> controls the execution\history directory


the reason  to ask this is. i want to schedule copy of the log files before the day of purge to some other location. if it is monthly then some months may not have 30 days.  so if anyone can answer above query thank ful