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Cross reference table vs DPP

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2018
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Hi All,


We are developing a common error notification service which will mail the error details to Technical/Business teams based on the nature of error.
The email ids will change per process and per environment. we would like to configure the email ids run time with out redeploying parent or sub process.


considering below 2 options for this requirement.

1. Create a cross reference table in sub process. It will host the Technical/Business DLs for all processes.
Extend this cross reference table so that emails can be changed anytime from Atom management.

Will there by any points to consider to extend a cross reference table. In our case, it will be extended quite frequently.

2. Use DPP in every parent process to hold the email ids.
Extend the DPP to change the emails run time.
Drawback : Every process should maintain DPP. It may be a problem down the line since DPP name should be unique for each process.

Would like to know if there is any better way to handle this or if anyone has already encountered an issue using similar approaches mentioned above ?