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Web Shared Server Configuration - Ports & Service Access

Question asked by sverma4407495 on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2018 by iamshinde


I am little new to boomi and trying to setup Web Shared Server for an on-premise molecule. Here are few questions which I was trying to find the answers for:


1. What is the use of setting up different ports on web shared server page ? What is the possible use case for having multiple ports ?
This makes sense if we have the capability of attaching specific listener processes to a port which I believe is not there as of today (correct me if I am wrong)


2. How can we restrict the boomi exposed web service access to the consumers for below cases :
a. For any service which is only intended to be used by internal applications (behind the firewall)
b. For any service which is only intended to be used by external applications (outside the firewall)
c. For any service which can be used by both internal as well as external applications
I know we can generate multiple users with their security token & restrict the access for specific processes & IPs. But is there any other way we can achieve this ?

Thanks in advance