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What is a best practice in calling a Boomi API from Boomi

Question asked by roelofjan.bouwknegt821144 on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

For a customer we have created an internal REST API. We would like to do asynchronous web service calls (No Output Type) to this API from other processes on the same Atom.

The reason why we want to do it this way is that

  • We already are using Azure Service Bus queuing for interfaces with Quality of Service Exactly Once In Order
    If possible we would like to prevent 2 queuing solutions next to each other.
  • We want to see messages individually in the process log. (f.e. If messages fail during bulk processing we do an asynchronous call to the internal webservice using the payload of the single message. That way we can reprocess the failed message from Boomi).
  • We have a lot of branching where messages from source are sent to multiple targets. With Azure service Bus queuing we get an enormous amount of schedules which can be scheduled by minute. For bulk this works but for individual messages we need a listener or asynchronous web service calls

I would like to know if this way of using API's is a good practice. And what is a best practice in this.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

kind regards,

Roelof Jan