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It is possible to select the directory in SFTP location depending on a document property value?

Question asked by loliva699707 on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by nanadar676191

I need to process several EDI documents and once that I am done I would like to place them in different directories depending on the document property value (Sender ID to be exact) from the file in question.


Following the sample below I would need theses 3 folders:  'FedEx', 'UPS' and 'Others'



I wonder if can I configure a connector for every path flow after a decision shape, and move files to diferent locations?

If it is not possible, I also wonder if there is any other approach that involves Groovy scripting?


So far I have tried using the feature 'Move To Directory'  in the SFTP connector but it seems you can only select one and it has to be a static value.


I will really appreciate any advice,
Thank you in advance.