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SF Platform Event Connector not staying open!?

Question asked by nate.lee139601 on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by vreddy

Has anyone using the SFPE connector had this issue? A bit of background:


- We are using SF Platform Events for all our new connections going forward in and out of Salesforce

- Currently only a handful of events are published each night around midnight

- The connector in Boomi does not pick up the events if the connection has sat idle for more than 10-12 hours. 


Every morning where we have important messages to send via SF platform events I have to go into Boomi and manually refresh the connection, then it works without issue. It is incredibly annoying that I have to do this in order to maintain the connection.


I attempted to create a heartbeat process scheduled to run every hour, where Boomi sends a dummy message back to SFDC via Platform events, but this does not have any bearing on the listener for incoming messages from SFDC -> Boomi.


Cc Ram Gajawada