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Date Format Issue

Question asked by sreenivasulu.gidda.contractor619345 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by sreenivasulu.gidda.contractor619345

Hey Team,


I see some error while passing a date as a parameter to the salesforce to get some value based on id, it returns with some error as date format mismatches. 


I'm passing in the format of yyyy-MM-dd as shown below . 

But I see the following error:


MALFORMED_QUERY: ERP_Start_Date_Active__c = 20140101 000000.000) ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:108 expecting a right parentheses, found '000000.000'; Caused by: com.boomi.model.connector.common.salesforce.SalesforceException: Error executing query. Error message received from Webservice. ERROR: .


When I checked for the logs, the date format shown as below. This is crazy. 


Any thoughts?