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test mode 'shape source data' feature in process reporting ?

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2018
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Whenever we test a process in test mode, we can track the document flow from start to end.

we can see the document coming out of each shape and connection data in test mode. This data is gone when we exit from test.


In Process reporting page, we can only see the documents coming from or going out of connectors, in other words we can see the documents entering or exiting the process.


Is there anyway we can see the documents entering a particular shape. Like if i want to see the input & output of a map ?

Trying to understand if Boomi stores only Incoming & outgoing documents of the process once the execution is done ? --> These documents are getting stored as dat files in data folder.


Is there any audit level feature we can enable to store the document at each step ? --> It is definitely a over load on server and not recommended in higher environments. 


Sorry for this naive question.Just curious to understand how Boomi handles documents in the back end.


Our previous Middleware platform has the option to show the data in each step. Since there is no test mode in that, we generally used to enable audit for all processes in Dev environment.