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Issue: Map component is not referencing the names specified in CSV columns for mapping. CSV to XML Map component

Question asked by sukhminders608411 on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by prudhvisiddharth410881

1. We created a Flatfile profile using CSV columns and selected that Flatfile as Source map.
2. Another XML profile created with same fields to map like step 1. Used this as target map.
3. Now we uploaded a csv to process which has been added one more column "status" next to "SrcNum column". This column is not mapped anywhere in Map component.
4. All CSV source files with different column names which are not meant to be processed also being processed in Map execution, as a result entire data is mismatched with actual data provided.
Because the map referencing positions but not names.

How elements are mapped in Map component?  Based on name/position?.

It should map only the files in which the columns matched as per mapping done.



Can someone spare some time and see how it can be done?

Sukhminder Singh