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postman to outlook

Question asked by mani.sethuraman333464 on Apr 10, 2018
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 There is a need to integrate Workday to Outlook Calendar for the employee vacation information. The manager needs to get his/her calendar when the employee leave is approved. Workday sends the email and Boomi needs to integrate and write the calendar entry on the Outlook Calendar.


 I followed the following article


Integrating with the Microsoft Graph API 


 We are able to get the OAUTH2 token. But when we write to the manager's calendar we are getting the error 


 "Access is denied. Check credentials and try again."


 We are trying to make this work in Postman to make sure it is not Boomi issue. We are not able to get OAUTH2 working for Postman. Has anyone tried this before? Would like a few hints.


Thanks for reading and your time!


Looking forward.