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Unable to retrieve JMS message using JMS Connector with Server Type : Oracle AQ

Question asked by dmeka326288 on Apr 6, 2018

We a scenario to read the data from Oracle AQ using JMS Connector in Boomi.

Oracle AQ has following properties

1.The data type used is RAW type.

2.Has multiple consumers for the same AQ


Configured Oracle AQ using JMS Connector and tested the process. It threw the following error

Unable to retrieve JMS message; Caused by: JMS-190: Queue INBOUND_PUBLISHER not found; Caused by: JMS-130: JMS queue cannot be multi-consumer enabled


As a work around changed the Destination to topic from queue to solve the above exception


After this change I have tested the process now it throws Unable to retrieve JMS message; Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException


Do we have support for multi-consumer enabled Oracle AQ in Boomi ?

Can some body helps us on how to resolve these issues.



Devi Meka.