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Update 'birthdate' field in CRM issue

Question asked by landan.cerff268249 on Apr 11, 2018
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I'm currently going through some beloved 'GDPR' tasks which involve a lot of anonymisation. So far for data which isn't required I've been nulling it out. In other cases, data we do require is being altered in various methods in order to maintain data but not have personal data in any non-produciton enviroments. 


I've hit a solid wall of date time formatting. 

The issue lies with an 'out the box' field called 'birthdate' which comes with CRM. I've been able to apply my rules to what data is retrived from the connector but when attempting to push the newly edited data back to the same location it came from I get an error of parsing. 

Based off research found online, it's suggested that the date mask should be 'YYYY-mm-dd', this should be accepted by CRM but it doesn't. Having spent a lot of time troubleshooting, there has been no resolve. 

Following these issues, I persisted to change the formatting within the request profile, again, no luck. 

The process looks like so;

The majority of what I'm doing is done within the map tool using JavaScript. The rule for the  'birthdate' is simple, it takes the DOB, add's or subtract's a random number (in days) from that date, turn's it to a string then the finished product heads to a date formatting function as seen above. 

There are no issues with this and the output seems like it should be accepted but still, no luck. 


I have tried editing the output mask to include timezone offsets and miliseconds etc but the update connector hated this even more. 

I'm not one to walk away from a challenge but this really has my stumped!

Any help is hugely welcome and greatly appreciated. 


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