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Showing wrong Extension Value

Question asked by manoj.satpathy on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by leif_jacobsen

Hi Team

I have two different process Process-1 and Process-2 connects to disk (connection name is Boomi (Disk)).

I have used the same connection for both the process , but the operations are different for each process.

Both the process read CSV file form different directory as below. 


Process-1 -->  /opt/boomi/molecule/integration/Application-1/Process-1

Process-2-->  /opt/boomi/molecule/integration/Application-2/Process-2


For each process I have select the extension and checked the directory as below.



I deploy both the process into two environment (Development and Test) and then set the value for the extension at Manage > Atom Management by selecting each process separately.


Then when I check the extension for each individual process I found-


Process-1 extension value is showing the value of Process-2

Process-1 -->  /opt/boomi/molecule/integration/Application-1/Process-2

Process-2-->  /opt/boomi/molecule/integration/Application-2/Process-2


Could you please share further input how to fix this issue?


Thanks and Regards,

Manoj Satpathy