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Cross Reference Table could not be found in deployed Process

Question asked by phi on Apr 16, 2018
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I need a help on a Cross Reference Table (CRT) issue. My situation is: I have a process A with a Map, inside Map I use a lookup function to lookup on a CRT. Process A is deployed to Test Atom and the CRT is set as Extension. Then I create a process B with another Map, inside this Map I lookup the same CRT and it is set as Extension as well. Process B is also deployed. Process B is run on Test Mode successfully. However, It's failed while being executed on Test Atom with Error below.

[Function: Cross Reference Lookup]: Error executing Cross Reference Lookup; Caused by: Unable to create cross reference handler, component does not exist.

I have to remove the lookup function in Map of Process B then add it again with same configuration, save the Map and re-deploy Process B. Then it is executed successfully.


For your information, I had a similar situation couple months ago. A lookup inside a Map Function Component, I had to remove and add it back then the error was gone. I create this thread since this is second time I face this issue.


I would like to know if anyone has same situation or any idea on this. I don't remember exactly but maybe the CRT lookup might be copied from very first component to just-created component during my implementation.


Any suggestion to find out the root cause are appreciated.


Thank you,