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Can we use HTTP client connector instead of SOAP client connector?

Question asked by indrajeet.jain888465 on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by indrajeet.jain888465

Actually, I have to send data to a third party system. For that I have been provided WSDL Url, SOAP Url and username and password. The issue is when I select a security type from the WS- Security types I get error response from the web service like username token not present, and then I hard coded the user name token, also the username and password in the header of the xml request in the target profile. After that I am getting errors like "Unexpected subelement 'X'". And when I execute the same request in the SOAP UI, I get a success response. Can anyone let me know, if I am missing something.


And after that I tried using HTTP Client connector, but I need to know whether in the connection configuration of the HTTP Client connector, within the Url shall I give WSDL Url of that web service or just the domain name of the website? 


Awaiting for a response!




Indrajeet Jain