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Successfactors Atom Cloud vs Dell's Atom cloud

Question asked by irvin.kirubharufus526079 on Apr 19, 2018
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Probably all would have received an outage notification regarding "Scheduled Dell Boomi Atomsphere Maintenance for May Release". Under the impact, the email mentions that the Successfactors Atom cloud will not be affected whereas those running in Dell's Atom Cloud will be rejected. All along I thought it is only a Cloud Atom vs local atom but this email is confusing as it specifies there are two types of atom clouds (Successfactors vs Dell).


Question - How do I determine if I'm using Successfactors Atom cloud or is it Dell's Atom cloud?



Customer Notification: Scheduled Dell Boomi Atomsphere Maintenance for May Release


Dear SuccessFactors Customer,

On Wednesday, May 02, 2018, Dell Boomi system is scheduled for maintenance for the May Release. The link gives the details on the release notes for this update. Kindly check the relevant Platform related features and fixes and do test it once the activity gets completed. Please plan your schedules accordingly to make sure your business is not affected.

Start Time: 12:01 AM EST (USA) Start Date: 05/02/2018

End Time: 04:00 AM EST (USA) End Date: 05/02/2018



  • Boomi users will be unable to access their accounts ( during this time.
  • Processes scheduled to run on local Atoms will not be affected.
  • Processes scheduled to run on Successfactors Atom Cloud will not be affected.
  • Processes scheduled to run in the Dell’s Atom Cloud will be rejected during this period and will resume the schedule after the maintenance period is complete.