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AS400 FTP support on FTP connector

Question asked by sanjaydvr on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by sanjaydvr

Hi Adam Arrowsmith,


Could you please let me know how to integrate AS400 system with Boomi using FTP connector? We have a scenarios where in we have to execute few commands once we log onto  AS400 system and current standard FTP/SFTP connector does not support custom command execution.


List of actions to do after connecting to AS400.

  1.  Use the account(user with required permissions)
  2.  Change the directory(library)
  3.  Name format command
  4. Get the file(file conventions is like library)
  5. Delete the member(in some case) or Delete the file(in some cases)
  6. exit


As of now we are creating the above set of instructions as custom command and executing it, however that leads to additional steps to cater for various error scenarios.  Is there any other way to achieve the above task or is there any idea or feature in the product backlog?


Any suggestions or solutions are appreciated.