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Is there a way for Salesforce Connector to automatically import a response profile in Batch "Mode/Format"?

Question asked by ErikIvarsson3431 on Apr 19, 2018

Hi all! 


I have been struggeling for a while with a very time consuming task, importing a response profile in the Salesforce Connector for Batch Result option. 


I have not found a way to automatically import it in this format, but rather I have to manually drag and drop the fields each time I import it, even if it is just to get a hold of a new field. 


I created an Idea since I could not find any reference to this being supported: Salesforce Connector should import a profile in the Batch "format"  (does anyone know if there is a way to do this). 


When you have a dynamic environment in Salesforce and changes occur often, new fields etc. on an Object containing a lot of fields you spent too much time on this task that I feel should be happening automatically when you have selected the "Batch Results" in the Advanced section of the Connector. 


Is this supported or does anyone know how to get around it?