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Salesforce Connector Locks User Due to Multiple Concurrent Login

Question asked by m.vecchioni305993 on Apr 20, 2018


I have a process with a Salesforce connector that is used by a customer site that made many concurrent connections to Salesforce. The username and password are set through extensions (and used only by this process, is a machine credential) and the password field contains also the token appended. Sometimes when multiple concurrent calls are made to Salesforce, Salesforce returns to the first call "Invalid Password" error and to others subsequent calls "Password Lockout error" because it locked the user. I think that this is a sort of Salesforce check to prevent attacks when multiple login attempts are made with same credentials, if this is wrong please correct me.



Does it exist an option to tell to Boomi Salesforce connector to not do the login every time that a request is made, but use only the token avoiding passing username and password every time (1000 calls in one minute) and only when Salesforce session will expire make the login? Thank you