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process execution is stuck

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by sgenesse599997



In our newly setup Dev Atom, one process execution got stuck.


Since We didn't configure the global timeout value (com.boomi.container.maxExecutionTime) yet, execution is running forever. ( Lesson learnt. will configure it)


I tried to terminate the execution from process reporting. But it is still running.


Went through this Boomi document, to kill the execution from back end.

Couldn't find {PROCESS_ID}.lck and {EXECUTION_ID}.dat in execution/current folder. 

I can only see {EXECUTION_ID}.{PROCESS_ID}.cur file.



  • Allow simultaneous executions is NOT checked for this process. so we can not execute any fresh request until current execution is either completed or killed.
  • Shall i set Force Restart After X Minutes to some value and try restarting the Atom ? --> This is not a recommended solution, but can try as work around since the environment is Dev.Any pointers to resolve this issue will be truly appreciated.