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Extensions for Connection settings

Question asked by on Apr 23, 2018
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Hi All,


We have developed a process which gets the data from EBS using EBS Connector. We have extended the connection parameters.


We have connected to EBS Dev instance in the build time.
we need to use different EBS instance for user testing and updated the connection values from

Atom management -> Environment extensions.

All ok so far.


we are about to deploy another 5 processes using the same EBS connector. They also need to connect to EBS Test instance.


1. Do i need to update the connection properties for each process from Atom Management using process filter


if we update the connection values once (with out using process filter), it will be applied to all processes ?

2. If i redeploy any process, will it use the extended connector values or values coming from build ?


Please let me know if additional details are required to address this.