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Netsuite to Salesforce Integration

Question asked by spaduri906455 on Apr 23, 2018
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Hello all,




I am working on my first boomi process with my minimal knowledge from training.  It sounded as a simple process. But later I was in a loop of errors. In few words I need to move the data from Assembly Items (NS) to Product2(SF). I need only records whose 'Item Id' starts with  1000--%, 2000--% and 3000 --& . ( I was able to use ItemID  as parameter with 'startswith' as only 1000).

When "Item Status" is 'Active' , the data should be mapped to IsActive (PFA image-- Used a Simple lookup in Mapping ----- Not sure if this is right) . 


After figuring out above things, I got an error from Salesforce object Required_field_Missing (PFA). Any help would be highly appreciated.


PS: Attached all the process images


Thanks in Advance.