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How to validate Json array record data.

Question asked by vinod.kumarbatchu838068 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by vinod.kumarbatchu838068

Hi All,

I have a requirement to get the data from Jive and place into the Ad.

Below is my jive profile, we have different Profile fields created in Jive, we will be getting like as below.

Array elements are 10+ out of that i want to get one array, value are

"jive_label" : "Work Cube",
"value" : "123-124",
"jive_displayOrder" : 13,
"jive_showSummaryLabel" : true

When i am pulling the data each time i am getting above values in different arrayelements.

ex: first time if i pull getting at 6 array second time i am getting at 8. but values are correct.


Now i need these values for validation how i can get.

My Jive profile is 


Please help me out this one.