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Is editable boolean fields within a table something that the platform can do?

Question asked by jswartz361658 on May 8, 2018

I've created a List of a type that includes 3 boolean fields and want to display the list in a table on a page where the user can check or uncheck the boolean values and I can later take actions based on the boolean values in a loop as an outcome.  I have all of the logic worked out, and found that if I edited the table meta data and changed the 3 boolean fields property isEditable to true that the table displays check boxes for those fields. 


What appears to be happening is that checking and unchecking the check boxes does not change the backing properties of the list items.  I did find an in progress help page regarding editable tables in flow, and at the very end there's a single notation that only string datatypes are supported.  So I'm questioning if there's something configuration wise I have wrong, or if bound editable data types of boolean in a flow table simply isn't supported.