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Using Rest URL to find results with '>=' date

Question asked by landan.cerff268249 on May 10, 2018



I'm currently creating a process in Boomi which polls the execution list to find any executions which have not succeeded, I have the statuses filtering correctly but I'm trying to get the process to run based off executions that have run since the last successful run date (LSRD). 

However, even in postman, the URL I have constructed does not work, I've spent hours researching but have found no working fix. My current URL looks like:>=2018-04-06T11%3A15%3A00 

I have also tried another methods: 'executionTime = gte:LSRD' but I had no luck with this. 

In postman, I've attempted to run a query which gets an execution based off of a very specific date/time to see if the one result is returned but again, the query ignored the statement. 


Thanks in advanced!