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Document Cache storing unnecessary documents

Question asked by indrajeet.jain888465 on May 17, 2018
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Hi All,


I have a scenario, such that in my main process I query an employee and in the subprocess I query to get that employees historical records. Now those historical records are stored in a cache. From that cache documents, I need the effective date. Now say if I get 3 docs in cache, I will have 3 effective dates. I concatenate these dates and pass it to a DPP. And I call that DPP in my main process map shape and map it to a target fields. My output should be a single document with all the 3 effective dates concatenated in a single field. I get this output in one document. But I get two more docs for the same employee where there are 6 effective dates and in third doc there are 9 effective dates in a single field. 



Below are the screenshots for the same:

expected output first doc

Second doc with 6 dates which are duplicates of first 3

Third doc with 9 dates, again duplicates of the first 3


It is happening due to the cache I guess, can anyone help me with this?



Thanks & Regards,