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JMS connector - Listen Operation

Question asked by mithun.kumar367957 on May 10, 2018

We have the following configuration for a JMS connector as start shape (listen operation).


Transacted - Unchecked (OFF)

Max Concurrent Executions - 1 (ON)


As per documentation here - JMS operation  - here is the difference between transacted ON and OFF with a  listen operation with max concurrent execution ON

Transacted? OffTransacted? On
Listen with Maximum Concurrent Executions On — manages the transaction rather than sending an acknowledgment.The connector uses client-acknowledgments to send an acknowledgment when the process completes successfully.The connector uses a transaction to manage a message lifecycle. The transaction is committed if the process completes successfully. If the process fails to complete, the transaction is rolled back


I use an Azure service bus topic as my message source.A little confused with the defenition of acknowledment and transaction .  If i want to make sure the message is deleted from the topic once boomi reads it from the queue and only if the process completes successfully , what is the recommended setting for the operation ?