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Simple Http Post with body

Question asked by dyoungclassy on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by aarthi_sridhar

I'm a new to Boomi and have done the boomi essentials training. I'm used to using Postman or writing my own calls in javascript so I could be trying to over complicate things here. I'm calling an endpoint which requires an HTTP POST with a body. I'm trying to get an auth key and this endpoint doesn't follow the standard oauth2 process. It work great in postman. How would I replicate this in Boomi? Because I'm having trouble with this, I'd also like to know what the actual call being sent looks like and what is my http response code. The logs don't seem to be capturing it. 
The postman call is flawless and returns my needed bearer token.




Here is what I've done in Boomi to replicate this call. 

I'm using a "Set Properties" to set the Dynamic Document Property - 

I'm inserting the dynamic document property into the resource path


When I save and hit test, everything goes green like it worked however the endpoint returns null. I don't see a response code from the "successful" call nor am I getting any json back.  Because of this my question is
1. How do I see what call looks like based on the boomi atom?
2. Is this the right way to replicate the call that work perfectly in postman?
3. Where does the json show up when I get a successful call?

4. How do I push results from shapes into the logs?

Thanks for any help.