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Mail Document Properties Problem Reading/Writing

Question asked by on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

I have a data passthrough process which handles emailing notifications, and depending on whether the application is configured for Test Mode (a db setting), it will override the values.  


It is SUPPOSED to receive a document, read the Mail From/To/Subject fields into DPPs, evaluate if the app is in test mode, and if true it overrides the list of email recipients and prefixes the subject line with "(DEV) TEST USER NOTIFICATION : <Original Subject>."


The document properties are getting set, but then they promptly disappear when it comes time to read from them.  Why is that?  They're being read / written within the same branch.




For testing, I first use a message shape with some test content, just to get a non-empty document going.


Then I set the Mail properties.  


It works - it sets the values.


But then when I try to read from those properties, they're gone:



I know that DYNAMIC document properties set after a branch shape will not persist into other branches, but in this case, these are standard document properties being set for emails, and they're subsequently empty.