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Performance issue while updating the data in Success Factors

Question asked by vc818v on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Sjaak Overgaauw

I built a BOOMI process which is pulling the Data from Success factors and one translation table is being used to update one field of Success Factors. However, I am pulling from Ad-hoc report of SF and I need to update the data through API. When I need to updated the Data in SF, I need to pull BKG_ID of each user and then only I can update/delete/Insert the data in SF via API.


I am using a flow control to pass the SF_ID one by one and get the BKG_IDs (associated with the SF_ID) stored in the inbound table (post truncating it each time).  Hence, it's taking more than one day to update all the 100K thousand records in SF.


As per the below screenshot, I am picking SF_ID one by one and sending the SF_ID as a request to the 2 APIs (one for private competencies and one for public competencies) and getting competencies, BKG_IDs associated with the SF_ID (in Response)



And then I am updating the SuccessFactors using the same API, though the operation is Insert/Update/Delete for the Private Competencies (API1) and Public Competencies(API2) sections.



For doing the Updates at SF end by sending the EmployeeID one by one is making the process very slow. Do someone have any idea to speed up the process?