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Using Boomi to Connect to Boomi

Question asked by doug.bast316181 on May 16, 2018
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Does anyone know if Boomi publishes any API's of their own? We have a couple integrations that experience really heavy load two or three times a day and it's difficult to tune these integrations to look back the appropriate amount of time.


We use last modified date/time on the tables of interest to determine if integrations are required and have recently created a data-driven solution to enable us to change the amount of time we look "back" from the current time without having to re-deploy our integrations processes. We get disconnects for various reasons more frequently than we'd like and having to re-deploy processes in the middle of a development cycle to be able to look back 8 hours after an unplanned outage really gets painful.


Step 1, get our time offsets for integration checks data driven to allow us to change them without re-deploying processes. Complete.


Step 2, Use a conveniently published API from Boomi to determine how long the last integration ran on our process of interested and determine if we need to extend our offset due to excessive processing time during very busy periods.


step 2 is what I'm asking about in my very convoluted way.


Any thoughts?