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Empty Message Text when sending to Azure Service Bus using JMS Connector

Question asked by clint.rhea on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by clint.rhea

We already have several processes deployed that require a proper Listen operation, so we're utilizing the JMS Connector following these guidelines:


Now we're implementing an integration that needs to send messages to the Azure Service Bus topic, but I'm encountering an issue.


We've defined a topic without a subscription path in the properties file, in the format:


I set up a simple test process with a "No Data" Start shape, a Message shape with a single word, and our JMS Connector that works when Listening. The Connector Operation simply points to the defined topic, "t_entities_pub".

When I examine the Azure Service Bus, the message envelope is there, but the Message Text is empty.


The guide doesn't give an example of a Send operation, so I'm curious if anyone has successfully implemented one and what I might be missing.