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Test Strategy in Dell Boomi ???

Question asked by raja.rkumar000757 on May 29, 2018



I have been working in Dell Boomi for last couple of years . A very fundamental question I  receive from almost all the customer is regarding the Test Strategy of the Boomi engagement.




1-How to ensure all my production deployed services are working as expected after Boomi monthly release?

2-What is the best boomi suggested testing tool for Regression testing  ,System Integration Testing and Load testing?

3-Can we test all our Boomi processes as a black box by independent tester?




Truly speaking I don't feel comfortable (satisfied internally ) answering it.

As I have extensively worked on Green Hat Tester for TIBCO solutions . Till now no one is interested to associate such products with Boomi .


I clearly agree and convinced that the test strategy is highly dependent on the cloud integration pattern we define ,some may not agree to it.

The basic commitment that we give is rapid deployment so barely we get sufficient time for a class Hybrid Integration design pattern.



Yet I think we need to go long distance in the proven design patterns especially in Hybrid Cloud Platform and solid test strategy.


I would like the thought process to be shared for above subject from this community.