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How to map multiple database profiles to JSON

Question asked by nick850055 on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by SaiKumarGoud Mallari

I am new to Boomi and am struggling with this situation.  I need to create a json object which is comprised of some single elements and a couple that are repeating arrays.  I figured out I needed to use the Document Cache and have the queries set up to do that.  The problem is that when I am mapping the data over, I am only getting the first elements being returned.


I read that if you need to have repeating elements in a map from a document cache, it says to add the cached data to the map's source profile instead (Document Cache Best Practices and Common Scenarios ) .  How do I do that?


This is the json that I imported:



And this is the process I am running:



and the map object looks like this:




In this, the licenses object has 9 records being returned, the address object has 2 records in it, and the user object has 1 record.  I've seen people talking about making orders with an order and multiple line items, but haven't been able to see any examples of it being done.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.