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X12 997 acknowledgments handling

Question asked by antonypaul.alexj438051 on Jun 1, 2018
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I tried simulating this situation with three processes.

1) First Process sending a 850 to a partner. The process has a no data start shape, a message shape to hard-code the 850 X12 and finally a trading partner shape to send the document via AS2 to a receiving partner.

2) A second process that acts as a receiver deployed on a different atom receives the 850 and sends a 997 back to the sender. I have used the Acknowledgements branch to send a FA back to the sender.

3) I created a third process to receive this FA and I had the Filter Functional Acknowledgements enabled as my intention is to just try how the reconciliation works.


Following questions remains unanswered to me.

1) How to verify the reconciliation through Process Reporting?

2) Do we need a separate Inbound FA process at the sender side to receive the FA sent from the partner?


Please provide your inputs.



Antony J