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ExecutionUtil.getContainerId() does not return the correct Atom ID when running on Cloud

Question asked by mark.goodall022898 on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by antonypaul.alexj438051

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help with an issue that we are experiencing, we are creating an SFTP directory path using the Boomi account id and the Boomi environment id so that we can be sure we are picking up the correct files for the correct customer.

To find the Boomi environment id we use the ExecutionUtil.getContainerId() "Boomi Atom id" and call the Atomsphere EnvironmentAtomAttachment API.

This works perfectly for local atoms but when we try to use the same process on the atom cloud nothing is returned from the API call.

On investigation we have found ExecutionUtil.getContainerId() is not returning the actual atom id (as displayed on atom management screen), but is returning an id that when passed to Atomsphere Atom API returns that it is type "cloud".


Does anyone know the logic i need to code to transform the cloud atom id to the actual atom id that is displayed on the Atom Management screen?


Thanks in advance,