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SAP connector TID configuration is it mandatory

Question asked by pradeepkn430727 on Jun 5, 2018

I am very new to use SAP connector.

I was trying to get the IDOC from SAP to Boomi and further transform and send it to end system.

I went through the below guide from community:

SAP Integration Guide 


SAP Listener service(SAP RFC via gateway will put the IDOC) -> comes to boomi platform -> transform->process

1st i am able to create the IDOC operation (indicates i am able to establish the connection)

Now there is something called listener settings in the connector .


TID configuration: With my knowledge SAP connector needs a DB to sotre TID transactons on to a table hence listener settings needs to be configured.


I wanted to ask a question is this mandatory ? If yes then where this DB has to be created in SAP itself ?(i am using Cloud atom )



Pradeep KN