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Connector does not show in Process Execution Details

Question asked by on Jun 8, 2018
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Here lately, we've noticed connectors are not showing up in the execution details pane in Process Reporting.


The connectors shown are from our "PreExecute" routine, where we retrieve Boomi execution metadata and store it in DPPs.  


But then, we use a Process Call shape to call a pass-through process as a sub process.  In the sub process, the connector call completes successfully.  I route all HttpResponses to an HttpResponse Handler process.  It looks at the http response code, and checks if the response is an error message from our trade partner.  


So, again, here is the breakdown:

1. Web Services Server gets called via REST api.

2.  The listener executes process call "Pre-Execute."  The connectors appear.

3.  The listener executes the "main" process to execute business logic.

4.  Main's connectors do not appear in Execution details, but, pre-execute does.  I know the connector executes because of what's in Process State Details.

5.  The connector uses process route to send the response document to a handler process.

6.  Handler process sees this is a 500 error, maps the error message to an exception, throws the exception.

7.  Process ends in an error state, which is what we want, but, no connectors appear.


Yellow highlights show the shapes which are behaving as expected.  Red shows the ones which are not behaving correctly.  


Here is the execution details.


Here is the Web Services Server process.  The PreExecute process connectors show up, but not for Notify&Email, nor Main.


Here is the connector in question from Main.  I cannot see its input / output documents in Execution Details