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Kerberos Authentication to a Microsoft SQL Server using AD user

Question asked by katie.e.jones316496 on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by katie.e.jones316496

We are trying to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server using the Database connector.  We need to authenticate an Active Directory Service Account using Kerberos.  We have tried many different configurations to the "Additional Options" field with no success.  Here is our latest attempt and error message:


Nothing was configured on the "Advanced Options" or "Connection Pool" tabs.  The error we're getting is:


We have tried options including setting the variables "serverSpn", "instance" and "domain" and have failed as well.


We got Squirrel SQL Client installed recently per a suggestion from Boomi Professional Services and are getting this error with the same configuration as in Boomi:



Does anyone have experience with a similar situation and have suggestions for configurations to try?  We're at the point of trial and error based on information we find from web searches.